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Name Author Description
AutoBoot v1.1
Scott Slater AutoBoot is a utility program that monitors how long your PC has been running since the last reboot. When your system uptime reaches 2 days, AutoBoot will first notify you that it will be rebooting in 10 minutes. Whenever you get this notification you may click on the "Wait" button to wait another 10 minutes before receiving another warning, or you may click on the "Continue" button to go ahead and reboot in 10 minutes. If you don't click any button, the system will still reboot in 10 minutes, so that if you are not present at your machine AutoBoot will still work.
Adam Blaszczyk Show how to use ITaskbarList interface to show/hide the program button on the taskbar.
Eject CD
James Use DeviceIoControl to eject removable media door. I tried it on my win2k server and it didn't eject the CD but it should work on win9x.
Hard Disk Protection Utility
kevin Write password on physical sector of your hard disk. It cannot be erased by fdisk.
MiniDisk Recording Plug In for Winamp
eko A winamp plugin coded in win32asm.
Notes 1.1
Tziotas Milos

A nice "stick-it" type note that you can move around the screen.

Netware Test
R.Daneel Show how to do Netware Client32 coding in asm
RAS example
eko List dialup connections with RAS api.
TimPad v0.33
ti_mo_n@poczta.onet.pl A simple text editor.
Angelo Dureghello A personal Address book.
DDE Example
Yves Luce A nice example showing you how to code a DDE server/client.
roman nowicki An offline browser.
DialogHandler v1.1
Aleksandar Stancic A generic handler for dialogs. It makes dialog message handling easy.
eko Show you how to use RAS (Remote Access Service) API to enumerate all dial-up connections.
magicmac Show how to use WM_HOTKEY message to implement your hotkey feature.
Outlook-style Menubar
bAZiK A nice example on how to make Outlook-style menubar. See it for yourself.
UnACE v2
BigHUNTER An example on how to unpack .ace files.
Water Effect demo
Tom Kenny A nice water effect. Try it on your PC.
Nokturnal Check whether you're connected to the net by trying to access your DNS server. Also plays sound when connected.
TASM Direct3D Demo
Bogdan Ontanu A nice Direct3D demo coded in TASM with DirectX 6.1 include file.
Tziotas Milos RndSkin chooses a random skin out of your WinAmp\Skins directory and start WinAmp with it.
Remote Imaging 1.2
Sergio A.S. de Aguiar
You run the server in the machine that will send the images and the client on the remote machine. Then put the server's IP and click on the connect button
(the one with the Icon). The client will connect to the server, and, as soon as the connection is made, the server will begin to capture 1 frame every
second and will send it to the client who will show it.
Pseudo-random Number Generator
S3 The name says all ;)
QMail MAPI version
sERpICo An add-in for Hutch's QEditor for sending emails via MAPI
J. Daniel Pino A nuker with IP spoofing (on win2k only)
roman nowicki Connect to mail servers to check new emails.
Angelo Dureghello A unit conversion tool.
James A demo on connecting to MySQL. TASM.
craig gilbert One Run is a program to block multiple instances of the program passed to it via the command line (target program). It will check for a current instance of either itself or the target program, then execute the target program only if it is not already running.
craig gilbert A replacement for notepad with several improvements.
Guy Laplante A trayicon that you can add your frequently used shortcuts so you can run them quickly.
S3 A small game. Really interesting.
ShowTime Dialog
cydonia tr A simple demo that shows how to use a timer to implement a clock.
Erik Edin An encryption program using DES. Tested on WinME only.
Jibz Command Line Argument and Switch Handling routine with an example
cpICE 1.12
Jibz Cool your CPU
SlowCD 1.04
Jibz A nice program that uses ASPI interface to control CDROM speed.
QEditor Mail Client 0.9
sERpICo A QEditor plugin that enables you to send emails from QEditor.
JimmyClif A tool that checks your mailbox for spams and deletes them right on the server before you lose your time downloading them.
Ewayne Another editor. This one has a tab interface kinda like UltraEdit.
SoftICE detector and remover
trapflag A VxD that checks for the presence of SoftICE and tries to "kill" it.
Protecty [English] [French]
bobbycoul A control panel application that can protect users from accessing "protected" control panel applets.
RemoteMonitor 1.2
Sergio A.S. de Aguiar This app is intended to be used in conjunction with a video capture board (or a tv board),compatible with video for windows, to let you capture frames, avi, jpg frames or bmp frames at intervals of 1 second, it can also serve as a server for sending images thru internet.
ESF (Eliminating Screen Flicker)
Chris Hobbs A nice little demo that shows how to eliminate screen flickers when you update.

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