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Name Author Description
PI Imitator
Lyskov Michail To be honest, I don't really know what this prog is designed to do but I notice that it can display nice sine-wave graph.
Tziotas Milos Display a tray icon that you can right-click to show a shortcut menu to your most commonly used items.
neocitron A nice color picking utility.
Flux 3.0
Angelo A utility to check serial and parallel port functionality without using VxD.
Tziotas Milos IceGhost hides SoftIce from detection by other programs. If SoftIce can't be detected it will exit. IceGhost will not work on WinNT/2K.
IKN-CU version 1.0
Harlequin Scan the registry keys you specify. It can be used to search for the presence of Sub7 trojan.
TheChatter [English] [French]
bobbycoul A chat program using TCP/IP
md5 implementation in asm
roy The name says all
fresh PELib is a small library, programmed entirely in assembly for the purpose of making it easier to explore the PE file format
RODY Thierry A utility that can display information about your system such as GDT. Works on win9x only because it uses VxD.
yC 1.2
y0da A PE encrypter.
The Svin A tiny utility that shows you the description of win32 api errors. Use FormatMessage.
IQTest 1.0
Tziotas Milos
A mini-European IQ Test in win32asm.
PassX 1.1
Tziotas Milos A utility to lock Windows while you are away.
Mini MP3 Player  
Lord Rhesus A tiny mp3 player.
PDB Operations
xprsg PDB Operations is a Palm Database Analyser for Windows 95/98/NT, offering powerful features and a smooth interface.
Senf's Intel JPEG Library Demo
Senf Demonstrate how to use Intel's JPEG library.
SMS Agent
mio A mail sender.
ASMEdit v3.1 Update 4/4/2001
Ewayne Another cool editor from Ewayne. This one targets the asm/rc files and can be used as a programmer's editor. It uses RichEdit 3.0 but can also run with RichEdit 2.0.
AsmAdo v.1.0
Maurice MONTGENIE For database coders, this package will facilitate working with databases via ADO (ActiveX Data Object). It contains two versions: DLL and COM.
Docking Rebar Example
Entro-P An example on how to implement a docking toolbar, in this case, it's a rebar control.
FAR Manager plugin
Imaginative A FAR plugin. http://www.rarsoft.com
[SaFc0n] A nice game. Try it out.
Saturn version 2
John Hyde A directory copy utility
GetSeg library 1.0
Digital Monkey A static library that contains a function to parse a string into segments. It then allows the user to extract a segment from the string
Shawn Bullock Show how to create edit controls with flat border style. Can be applied to other types of control as well.
Intelligent Error Handling
Entro-P Demonstrate how to set final exception handler.
Entro-P A nice floating toolbar window that you can show/hide the client area with a single click.
Alarm & Countdown Timer
Joe A stopwatch that uses new features of common control version 4.70 and up.
Quickbar v1.0
And-or Utility that creates a quick launch bar that has auto-hide feature and more.
Custom window / skinz example
Entro-P Show you how to skin your window like winamp. Nice.
PE Nightmare Compressor
Freddy K A file compressor based on apLib. You need to download apLib and rename aplib.dll to aplib026.dll
Address Book, Shortcut Manager
and Shutdown Manager
roman nowicki A collection of three programs with source code. The names say all.
Skin a Window
Hiroshimator Demonstrate a technique on how to create a custom shape window.
uRe 1.0
Terry L. Loveall A rework of my IczEdit with more features.
MemGraph v0.3
John A Lyons This program shows how to obtain the memory status of your Windows and display it in a kind of bar graph.
api hooks without ring0
[Basic] I must admit I am a bit hazy about what this prog does. From the description of its author, it's some kind of API patching prog which is suited for win9x.
Exagone WinIO allows the user to have raw access to port I/O and physical memory. You should also download WinIO by Yariv Kaplan (www.internals.com) to make it work.
GIF Library 1.0
Exagone As the name says, it's a GIF library for masm, completely with asm source
Get&Set [English] [French]
bobbycoul Obtain and change many attributes of any window. Use a mouse hook to achieve the result.
Temperature Converter 1.0 Update
Dee-Jon Bryce Convert temperature value between celsius and Fahrenheit.
Don't Sleep 1.0 Update
Dee-Jon Bryce Use a timer to update the mouse cursor position to guard against screen saver action. Also use a simple keyboard hook to interrupt the mouse operation.
MAC_NIC v1.0.0.0
P1 Demonstrate the use of NetBIOS api to obtain the MAC addresses of all the network interface cards in your PC.
Freddy K Show you how to manipulate PE file. Especially how to add a new section to an existing PE file.
SEH macros [English] [French]
Maurice MONTGENIE Several macros to simplify using SEH (Structured Exception Handling) in your programs.
J. Daniel Pino A DLL containing several functions you can use to calculate checksums for IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and PPP protocols.
Example on linked list
Mirno Shows you how to implement linked list in your asm prog.
Simple PE Editor
Avl!s As the name says, it's a really simple PE editor that shows you the basics of working with Portable Executable File Format.
Ron Thomas Demonstrate the use of multithreading to drive animated sprites.
Property Sheet & Wizard Example
Ron Thomas Show you how to use property sheet and its special use as Wizard. This example uses the pre-97 wizard style.
radSFV 1.0
Deuce A utility to calculate checksum for sfv files.
Example on how to obtain GDT/LDT
Jeremy A dll which you can use to obtain Global and Local Descriptor Table. Works on win9x only. Comes with a short tutorial.
sCAT 0.55b SDK & Example
Muad'Dib A cuecat barcode decoder SDK with an example.
Some Code 1.0
[Basic] Local Api hooking via iat patching
Hyperlink Menu
Entro-P Display a special menuitem with hyperlink and a bitmap.
Code Snippet Creator 1.05 Build 2
Iczelion The most advanced PE tool I have ever written. Can do some wonders with any PE file.
Y0da Example on using structured exception handling (SEH).
Y0da Demonstrate how to search for and obtain the module base address of kernel32.dll and the addresses of the functions in it without using any API function. Tested on both Win98 and Win2k
Password Revealer
SavaGe A window hook program that can remove the ES_PASSWORD style from a password edit control.
WordEdit 2.0 Release 0
Ewayne A cool word processor using richedit control version 3. It can read .rtf files and compile them to WinHelp format.
Saadam Use LAN Manager API to guard over shared resources in your Windows network. Works only on an NT/2k machine.
cpIce 1.08
Jibz A CPU Cooler program. Use a VxD to issue HLT instructions when the system is idle.

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