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Name Author Description
Additional Controls
And-or Two custom window classes, hyperlink that allows you to create internet-style hyperlinks with ease and CheckIcon.
drcmda A remote control program, consists of the server and client modules.
drcmda Demonstrate the use of journal hook to record/playback events.
bobbycoul A program that stays in your taskbar. You can instruct it to shutdown/restart your Windows. Here is the french version.
Ewayne A cool hex editor. You can modify the data in any file
Cinchy server
S3 A tiny web server example coded in MASM.
Ewayne Demonstrate how to obtain information about the CPU
Network Monitor
And-or This TASM program shows information about your network traffic.
Rebar Control DLL
Marco Sc. This custom window control makes it easier to use rebar control in your program.
VxD Stub-Loader v1.00.1015
Bubu This is a 16-bit real-mode VxD Loader. It can load only dynamic VxDs since static VxDs can only be loaded during system boot. The loader is to be used as a stub for VxDs.
Window Viewer 1.0.1
comrade Enumerate all visible top-level windows using GetWindow.
Registry Module 1.0.0
comrade A static library that simplifies working with Windows registry.
Process Viewer 1.0.1
comrade Use toolhelp32 to list all processes in the system.
Crypt32 version 1.0.1
comrade A simple xor encryption example
CD Player
Ewayne Very nice CD Player with cool GUI.
Small Is Beautiful
Steve Gibson One of the very first example in win32asm.Steve Gibson is a die-hard assembly programmer who programs everything in assembly. MASM-specific.Visit his page.
Skeleton version 3
Wayne J. Radburn A Win32 skeleton source code. MASM-specific
Win32asm Toolkit
Philippe Auphelle A Win32 asm toolkit designed specifically for MASM. Good tutorial and sample source code inside.
Win95 Example
- A Win95 assembly example. TASM-specific
Net Walker's Debugger v0.3
Net Walker A Win32 asm debugger with source code! Demonstrate how to use dialog box as main window and the use of debug API. TASM-specific.
DirectDraw demo
Mike Bibby Source code for both TASM and MASM. You need at least ddraw.lib from DirectX SDK or Visual C++ to assemble it
Simple PE Cryptor
Hayras Demonstrate how to encrypt code and data section of any PE file. Full source code included. This is a very rough beta.
VGCrypt PE Encrypter 0.75 beta
Virogen Another great PE encrypter with several features such as finding a location to insert itself between object virtual size and the next file alignment boundary.
Virogen's PE Realigner 0.04
Virogen Realign your PE files to make them smaller! Especially useful for programs written with TASM.
HTTP Downloader v1.5
Iczelion Show how to write a simple winsock program that uses HTTP to download files. This version can resume broken download.This is my first win32asm prog so it may not be very "professional"
HTTP Zip Dowloader v1.2
Iczelion Open zip archives remotely and let you pick the files you want to download! Come with source code. This is my second project after HTTP Downloader above.
+Cruehead A win32asm chat program which demonstrates how to create server-sided and client-sided sockets. Note: you may need to modify the bat file a bit in order to assemble the project correctly.
How to call NT ring-0 from DOS
EliCZ Asm source codes to demonstrate the techniques. Work under Windows NT only. Check out his homepage.
Kill3xx Another pe encrypter with full source code. The interesting part is the resource enumerator which you can use in your own projects.
CybOrgAsm A simple example on how to use a semi-documented kernel API call, RegisterServiceProcess, to hide/unhide your own process from the task list when the user presses Ctrl+Alt+Del. Note: this trick works on win9x only.
Toolbar example
Teraphy A tiny example that shows you how to create a toolbar with tooltips.
File Encrypter
device This program takes in a variable-length key and uses it to encrypt the selected file. The complete project is available. Written in TASM.
Ewayne A nice calculator which supports floating point, trigonometrical functions, logarithm, binary,octal, hexadecimal digits and more. Updated
Win32asm File Manager
Ewayne A norton commander clone using many interesting techniques such as shell interface
Ewayne A DLL that you can call to display a splash screen using .bmp files.
Ewayne An image viewer. It can display .bmp,.gif, .jpg, .pcx images using a freeware image library.
metheus A PE utility that can add/delete physical/virtual space in any PE file. It can also realign your sections to make the files smaller. Source code included. Written in NASM.
Error-handling in Win32
Dracon Show how to use FormatMessage to translate the error codes returned by GetLastError into more human-friendly message strings.
Manowar This small example shows how to create a pattern brush using a bitmap and use the custom brush to paint the window background.
Gerry Galvin This tiny example demonstrates the use of clipboard. It puts the command line into the clipboard.
MDI Demo
Ron Thomas A nice example on creating and using MDI windows. Check out his homepage.
Ron Thomas A CD player using MCI (Media Control Interface).
How to create Custom Window Border and Caption Bar
Incubus This little TASM example uses pre-made bitmaps to *paint* the window borders and caption, very akin to "skinning* your own window.
comrade Show how to use toolhelp32 to terminate a program in another process
CRowmAN A short asm routine for displaying "browse for folder" dialog box. You can simply include this routine in your asm project.
AsmTask 1.1.2
Papaow Listing all processes in memory with toolhelp32. You can kill any process, boost its priority and more.
Vecna Hide process from tools that use toolhelp32 apis, Process32First and Process32Next by patching them in memory. Windows 9x-specific.
Manowar A function written in MASM that captures the screen to a bitmap file.
Ewayne A nice program which demonstrates various styles of buttons. Coupled with a guide to button styles, it's very useful.
Owner-Drawn Listbox
CRowmAN A routine you can use in your program to do owner-drawn listbox.
RichEdit Demo
Hel Show you how to use a richedit control including how to format text in it.
Lord Rhesus An example of how to write a program loader which patches the program in question as it runs in memory.
DirectPlay Demo
Bogdan Ontanu
A simple demo on how to use basic functionalities of DirectPlay. The current source is still buggy.
Sami Paju A simple example that makes use of NT security-related API to check whether the current user has administrator's privilege.
Ron Thomas Use MCI (media control interface) to play various multimedia files.

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