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Program/File Description
MASM32 version 7 The quick start MASM package for win32 asm programmers by hutch. Contains MASM 6.14 & link, asm template, a nice win32 code editor and the latest version of lib2inc utility. The new front-end code generator will create your program's front end in less than a minute. Also the latest DumpPE from Clive Turvey! Highly recommended. With this package , you got all you need to program in win32asm. This package now contains all the include files and import libraries. Visit MASM32 Official HomePage.
Windows Include File for MASM version 1.25 (March, 7, 2001). It's the same version of the one in MASM32 Service Pack 2. It fixes lots of incompatibilities with previous versions.
NMake 1.5 The free make utility from Microsoft.You can use it to automate the assembling process.
ASMVars A nice util that scans your source code for unreferenced global and local variables
MASM 6.15 Updated ml.exe. Come with MASM command reference.
MASM Patch A patch for MASM version 6.14-6.15 by promethee. It fixes a minor bug in MASM's commandline handling routine. Contact him if you need more MASM patch done.
V IDE A free IDE that supports multiple compilers.
SpAsm A free win32 assembler. Open source. My win32 tutorials, converted to SpAsm syntax, are also included.
UltraEdit A very nice text/hex editor. My favorite. I use it for various coding jobs: asm, asp, html.
Win32 API reference Detailed description of important Win32 API.
Microsoft Win32 Knowledge Base As the name implies, it's a collection of Q&A related to win32 programming.
Winsock 1.1 API Reference A reference on winsock 1.1 functions in HLP format. Handy.
Winsock 2.2 API Reference A detailed reference on winsock 2.2 APIs. In Microsoft Word format.
Link version 5.63 Microsoft Linker for those who want to use MASM to code DOS programs. You MUST use this linker instead of the one from MASM32.
PE file format By LUEVELSMEYER. An excellent PE tutorial with source codes in C.

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