Win32asm FAQs For Beginners

1. About this FAQ
2.What is win32asm?
3.What do I need to start programming in win32asm?
4.Where can I get help about win32asm programming?

About this FAQ

This is the compilation of the questions I think the newcomers to win32asm usually ask. This FAQ is maintained by me, Iczelion. You may contact me via email,

What is win32asm?

win32asm is the term used to describe the use of assembly language to create 32-bit Windows programs. It's not a language by itself. You can use various assemblers to program in win32asm.

What do I need to start programming in win32asm?

At the minimum, you need 32-bit Windows :) It can be Windows 95/98/NT/2000. In my opinion, the better platform to program in is Windows NT/2000 because they are more stable. Furthermore, small errors which are passed uncomplained by Windows 95/98 will be noticed immediately if the program runs on Windows NT/2000. I have not yet tried Windows XP.

You must already know some basics about assembly language. If you are a complete newbie to assembly language, you can find numerous tutorials on the web. The complete assembly book on the web is Randal Hyde's The Art of Assembly Language Programming. Note that the book deals with 16-bit assembly under DOS. However, the basic commands are the same whether they are used under DOS/Windows or Linux. I have yet to find tutorials that teach 32-bit assembly language from the grounds up. Currently, I heard Randal Hyde, the author of the Art of Assembly Language is writing 32-bit asm tutorials but they are based on his HLA (High-Level Assembly).The next step is to get more knowledge about general Windows programming. At this point, the best book you can get is Charles Petzold's Programming Windows. This book is not available online. You can buy it from your local bookstores. You'll find that this book is more than worth your money as I did years ago.

You can now combine your knowledge about assembly language and Windows programming. To make the process easier, I wrote several tutorials about the topic. You can find them on

The tools you need are:

In summary, if you want to use MASM, download MASM32 package and start reading my win32asm tutorials. I highly recommend that you use MASM: 99% of win32asm programmers use MASM so you can easily obtain lots of support.

Where can I get help about win32asm programming?

Note From current site holder: Iczelion pointed message board and also email and other contact infos has gone and no longer valid. So I edited this part of website to. For now you can post your questions in one of the forums below.
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