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MASM32 Official Homepage
The official homepage of MASM32 package. You'll find the latest version/updates at this site. Maintain by Steve Hutchesson.
Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers
Tutorials written by Henry Takeuchi. Very Nice. TASM-specific.
Steve Gibson's Win32 Assembly Page
Assembly page of the author of Small Is Beautiful example. He is the authentic assembly programmer. Visit his page by all means.
Whiz Kid Technomagic
Homepage of G.Adam Stanislav. Another hardcore assembly programmer. Several Win32 asm samples are downloadable from this page.
Win32NASM Unofficial Homepage
by Tomcat. Contain many win32asm-related resources, including the zipped version of my tutorials and win32asm forum.
Ron's Cornucopia for Assembly Language and Graphics Programming
A good website dedicated to graphics programming using assembly language. You can find many good examples on win32asm gfx programming there. Also don't forget to check FPlib, the floating point arithmetic library for win32asm.
Wayne J. Radburn's Assembly Language Programming
The homepage of one of the pioneers of win32asm. His skeleton source code helped me learn win32asm. Now Skeleton version 3 for MASM is available.
Toby Opferman's Tutorials
Three tutorials for TASM users.
Netwide Assembler Project
The homepage of NASM, the freeware assembler. It will be used to power Visual Assembler in the first stage.
Collake Software
by Jeremy Collake. The site of my personal friend. Jeremy is a great asm coder. You can download many cool utilities with source codes from this site. Don't forget to check out his cool file compression tool, PECompact.
Jeremy Gordon's Win32+Assembler Source Page
Contains many valuable utilities, assembler/resource compiler/linker/text editor and the article about exception handling in win32.
Win32 Assembler Coding Tutorial [German version]
by T.S. Contains win32asm tutorials applicable to TASM/MASM/NASM.
Visual Assembler Homepage
by Justin Decker. An IDE for coding win32asm progs, coded in asm itself. At the current stage, it's more like an editor but it's constantly improved.
Windows 32 Asm Message Board/Mailing List
Another win32asm-related message board. You can configure it as a webboard or a mailing list.
Contains many win32asm links.
Turbo Assembler IDE
A win32asm IDE for TASM. Freeware.
Ewayne's Win32 Assembly Homepage
The homepage of ASMEdit, a cool editor coded in win32asm.
Simple & Easy
Contains several interesting win32asm tutorials such as ASPI programming.
Randal Hyde's Assembly Page
A very good assembly resource on the net. His book, Art of Assembly Language, is a complete and free book you can download to learn assembly programming.
Emu8086 - 8086 assembler and emulator
"Everything for learning assembly language in one pack!
emu8086 combines a text editor, assembler, disassembler, software
emulator (Virtual PC) with debugger, and tutorials. "

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