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Name Author Description
Clear-Text Password Decoder
jbg Base64 demonstrates how easy it is to decipher plaintext usernames and passwords. Never login to a public network resource unless some type of encryption is being used, secure socket layer is one example. Most FTP sites also use plaintext passwords.
HTML Color Mixer
Dipl. Ing. Peter Generate HTML color code for you visually by adjusting the combination of the primary colors (RGB).
Revised InString function
Bernard Ramster Fix three nasty bugs in the original InString function included with MASM32
yoda Hide process from the system. Works on both win9x and 2k.
KeyLog 1.1
Daniel Pino A keystroke logger. Can hide itself on win9x.
The Svin "Purpose of the app is to create code which can replace div instruction by mul instruction when division by constant. Mul instruction executes 4 times faster and such replacement can bring noticable effect in critical sections of some algo which need to divide something by a constant."
Ron Thomas A graphic program that demonstrates the concept in Stephen
Wolframs' new book "A New Kind of Science".
[neo] Shows how to enumerate all running apps with Toolhelp32.
Win32 Desktop Sprites
Spanska Nice sprites (small pictures moving randomly on your screen).
Window Styles Reference Utility
The Svin Show description of various window styles and their numeric values.
Stock Resource Preview
The Svin Shows the pictures of the stock resources which you can load by calling LoadCursor, LoadBitmap, LoadIcon so you can choose the stock image you want visually.
Tabbed Dialog Demo
cakmak Shows how to use tabbed dialog.
Time ShutDown 1.0
[G-MaX]/Mamtasoft Time ShutDown is a simple utility written in Assembly Language that shutdown your PC at a specified time.
JCC and flags utility
The Svin Purpose of utility is for beginners in assembler to understand
the relationship between flags and JCC.

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